Necmi Gürseler was born in İstanbul in 1976. He studied at Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department, Halil Akdeniz Workshop between 2001- 2005. He has worked as a painting instructor in Atölye Mart between 2005-2009, and had his articles published in the Gerçek Newspaper between 2009 and 2013. Gürseler continues to work in his workshop based in İstanbul.

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Attended Exhibitions

2002, he took part in the group exhibition ‘Meeting’ organized in Münster within the scope of Turkey-Germany relations with his work “izdüşümü” (projection).

2005, he participated in a group exhibition at Galeri Akdeniz.

2012, he participated in a group exhibition at Niş Art Gallery.

2013, he took part in the group exhibition entitled “On Paper” (Kağıt Üstüne) held at C.A.M. Galeri.

2014, he held his first solo exhibition entitled “Deformed Journeys to Lost Time” (Kayıp Zamana Deforme Yolculuklar) at Galeri Artist.

2015, he held a solo exhibition entitled “Carnival of Dreams” (Düşler Karnavalı) at Erva Art Galeri.

2016, his works were exhibited in a group exhibition at Mine Sanat Galerisi.

2017 and 2018, His works were exhibited in the “Red Building” (Kırmızı Bina) at the Design Tomtom On The Street activity.

2018, he held a personal exhibition entitled “Primitive Self” (İlkel Benlik) at Ankara Galeri Soyut.

2018, he took part in the group exhibition “OTHER WORLD” (BAŞKA DÜNYA) at Mine Sanat Galerisi.

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